Fernandez Jesus


Young spanish man wants to teach spanish and catalan in Moscow. I am 22 years old and I know the two languages perfectly. Also i have a good english level, for communicate with learners.

Город: Москва, Домодедово, Балашиха

Hello! My name is Jesus and I want to be your personal spanish or catalan teacher.

I was born in Palma de Mallorca, so i studied spanish and catalan since 3 years old. There are my 2 native languages. Also i started in english since 5 years old, and i have a good level for communicate with learners and resolve doubts about spanish or catalan lessons.

When i was student i was teaching kids about all subjects, including my two languages. Grammar, vocabulary... Everything, so i have experience about teach. I finished pre-university studies and i took certificate to be catalan teacher. anyway, it's not necessary cause i know perfectly both languages.

I think that the better way for learn a language is speaking with native people, cause they know his language better than others. So i think i can be your perfect teacher.

PD: Also i can teach you in Skype, you only have to ask me in .


Методика преподавания

I want to teach my languages with participation of learner. I want to do dialogues, letters... Speaking a lot, better than writing. Obviously we need to know how to wright, and grammar. But is more important speak than write.

However, i can adapt my teaching method to all levels. I can prepare different programes for every person, depending who wants to learn him.

Образование, квалификация

Pre-University studios, with 7/10 final qualification.


I was teaching kids during 3 years with good results, in all subjects.

Рекомендации, сертификаты

I have "C" level of catalan, the minium request to be a catalan professor in Spain.

I had an 8/10 Spanish qualification in Pre-University studios.
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